The Sunday interview on TVC with Pastor Kasali

Pastors should not live ostentatously.. 
If you have got it you should not boast and brag about it..... 
Pastor Kasali 

As the issue of prosperity, nobody celebrates the new soul that is converted but they lay emphasis on sow seed sow seed, are we doing business with God. Monitize miracle is not from God. 
Pastor Kasali 

About FRC Pastor Kasali said nothing is wrong with the code. Every church must audit their account. It guides the people in the corporate world and not the church alone. 

As of PFM, how many members do we have. We need to self regulate or else the government will regulate us. 

As for advice for the government, will I vote for Buhari, yes. Am I satisfied with this government, no. Is PDP government under Jonathan good for us, no. 
Pastor Kasali. 

Am more of Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton. 

I think am a open book and all my staff know me. I don't like hypocrite. I can't stand them. I can't stand them 

Pastor Kasali 
Head Pastor